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Протеин M Double YOU Whey 2 Go

Whey 2 Go M Double YOU.

WHEY 2 GO is an instant protein product consisting of 3 types of whey protein: isolate, concentrate and hydrolyzed whey isolate. The isolate and concentrate are specially filtered whey proteins, which have been produced using intensive filtration techniques. The hydrolyzed whey isolate is specially filtered whey protein isolate enzyme treated to form high concentrations of whey peptides that are picked up and absorbed quickly and easily by your muscles. By combining these different, ultra high quality protein sources, Whey 2 Go delivers a proprietary designed chronological release of protein that reaches bioavailability at crucial points of muscle absorption (T/R effect). Whey 2 Go is the ideal protein mix to build and repair lean muscle tissue after an intensive workout.

Рекомендации  по  применению M Double YOU. Whey 2 Go:
As a dietary supplement, take 1-2 shakes with 25 grams (2 full scoops) of Whey 2 Go, daily in 300 ml fruit juice, milk or yogurt. For best results take Whey 2 Go directly after working out and at bedtime.

Ингредиенты M Double YOU. Whey 2 Go:

Samenstelling per
25 g
100 g

428 kJ/ 103 kcal
1713 kJ/ 410 kcal

19,7 g
78,9 g

1,6 g
6,3 g

1,9 g
7,7 g

Essential Branched Chain Amino Acids

Essential Amino Acids

L-Tryptophaan/ L-Tryptophan
Semi Essential Amino Acids
Non Essential Amino Acids   
L-Asparginezuur/L-Aspartic Acid   
L-Glutaminezuur/L-Glutamic Acid
4973 mg
8781 mg
4207 mg

2311 mg
7092 mg
2124 mg
5711 mg
919 mg

1835 mg
1476 mg

3958 mg
8802 mg
1718 mg
13989 mg
5447 mg
4215 mg
2501 mg
2337 mg

просмотров: 2185
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