Справочник по спортивному питанию
Протеин Universal Specialized Protein for Dieters

Specialized Protein for Dieters Universal.

Cпортивное питание: Specialized Protein for Dieters Universal.
Cпортивное питание: Specialized Protein for Dieters Universal.
Упаковка: 454 гр.

In your sport, you routinely lose lean mass over the course of a season. Maybe it’s because you’re dieting down for a show. Maybe you’re an endurance athlete who burns calories like crazy. For you, losing muscle mass means losing the competitive edge. Whether you’re a bodybuilder, cyclist or just an individual trying to selectively burn bodyfat, the goal is the same: preserve lean mass at all costs. Muscle is your body’s metabolic engine–it requires more energy to maintain than fat, which means it can burn off more calories, even at rest. To support and maintain lean mass, you need Specialized Protein For Dieters. Specialized Protein For Dieters is perfect for anyone whose calories are restricted or who burns through calories too quickly. It’s a 100% protein matrix that consists of a unique protein blend designed to maximize your body’s ability to preserve lean muscle tissue under intense, stressful situations such as dieting or competing. Specialized Protein For Dieters contains SPM 221™, an exclusive protein matrix that has been engineered to maximize anti-catabolism. It can (1) maintain lean mass; (2) provide extra energy; (3) prime your metabolic potential; and (4) help suppress appetites. Under calorie-deficit situations, your body demands higher ratios of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) and glucogenic amino acids. Gluconeogenic substrates are critical for generating extra energy during fasting (dieting) and preventing the leakage of aminos out of muscle tissue. During sustained low carb/low fat dieting, your lean muscle tissues release glucogenic amino acids to increase gluconeogenesis, a process where additional glucose is produced for energy. As this process continues, you lose more and more muscle. SPM 211™ has been engineered to prevent that from occurring by providing more alanine, glutamine, glycine, threonine, serine, methionine, tyrosine and lysine than any other protein supplement. SPM 211™ is also high in BCAAs, particularly leucine, which many studies show help preserve valuable lean mass during exercise and dieting. BCAAs have also been shown to be a source of energy and help the body selectively burn fat for energy during carbohydrate-depleted states. Finally, SPM 211™ is rich in flavones and protein fractions which can enhance thyroid function for maximum fat burning and help you feel fuller, longer through CCK release. SPM 221™ is also perfect for low carb dieters as it contains less than 1g of carbs per serving and absolutely no sugars.

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