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Гейнер Multipower Weight Gainer

Weight Gainer Multipower.

Cпортивное питание: Weight Gainer Multipower.
Упаковка: 1500 гр.

The best motivation is when you achieve something: muscle mass. Let Multipower PowerGym Weight Gainer plus help you because intensive muscle training consumes a lot of energy. In order to still gain weight, you have to consume an extra of 300-500 calories.
Carbohydrates and proteins in the right combination are the most efficient, which is exactly what PowerGym Weight Gainer plus is offering. Vitamins and minerals have also been added that have proven reliable in strength training. In addition, Multipower PowerGym Weight Gainer plus also contains creatine, which binds more water in your muscle and makes them look fuller.

Ингредиенты Multipower. Weight Gainer:
Ingredients per 100g:
Calorific Value/Energy:1583kJ / 373Kcal
Fat: 0.8g
Creatine: 1.2g


просмотров: 2340
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