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Анаболические формулы Universal Arbuterol

Arbuterol Universal.

Cпортивное питание: Arbuterol Universal.
Cпортивное питание: Arbuterol Universal.
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Arbuterol | For individuals looking to achieve maximum vascularity and the deepest "cuts", exercise may not be enough. While subcutaneous fat reduction is of utmost importance in the effort to reveal the striated muscles underneath, reducing subcutaneous water is also critical. If your bodyfat percentages are low but you still can't see the cuts, the problem may be water.
Approximately 75% of muscle tissue is made up of water. Water within muscle cells (intracellular) creates an anabolic environment which helps muscles grow. Yet water is a double edged sword. Subcutaneous water (extracellular) beneath the skin makes your body look soft and puffy.
To combat this problem, you need Arbuterol from Universal Nutrition. Arbuterol is the newest and most powerful water-management supplement on the market. With its unique blend of six high-potency herbs, Arbuterol is the most powerful diuretic that you can buy without a prescription.
Dandelion root (Taraxacum officinale) has traditionally been used to treat fluid retetion and hepatic disorders among other ailments. Recently, researchers have isolated a specific sterol, taraxsterol, and several key sesquiterpenes (i.e., taraxinacetyl-1'-O-glucosides, taraxacolide-1'-O-glucosides) which they believe is responsible for this herb's powerful diuretic actions. Our hand-selected dandelion root extract contains these active ingredients plus taraxol, taraxerol, taraxacin and taraxinic acid, eudesmanolides, and germacranolides.
In terms of effectiveness, in one study, dandelion extract was compared to the pharmaceutical drug furosemide (LasixR) and found to be comparable in diuretic effects. More importantly, the study found that dandelion exerted its effects without any adverse side effects. Dandelion is generally considered non-toxic.
Dandelion is also a rich source of flavonoids, beta-carotene (more than carrots), beta-sitosterol, inulin and potassium. Scientists also believe that dandelion can work synergistically with other herbal diuretic preparations, enhancing and augmenting overall efficacy.
One such herb is bearberry (Arctostaphylos uva ursi L.), or uva ursi. Uva ursi's diuretic ability is found in the chemicals arbutin, ursolic acid, and isoquercetin. Arbutin is by far the most powerful of these constiuents. In fact, arbutin is so powerful that in Europe, it is the active constituent in several approved drugs (i.e., ArctuvanR, HerniolR, NephronormR, and CystinolR).
In addition to these two key herbal extracts, Arbuterol harnesses the power of four additional botanical preparations. One such preparation is stinging nettle (Urtica dioica L.). In human clinical trials, nettles produced marked diuresis. By using the whole herb, the entire spectrum of active components, from sterols and lectins to flavonoids and lignans, are preserved.
Buchu's (Barosma betulina) use as a bladder tonic dates back to 1821 when it first appeared in the British Pharmacopoeia. Today, its benefits as a diuretic is well known. Researchers believe its diuretic properties lie in its volatile oils (i.e., diosphenol) and particular flavonoids (i.e., terpinen-4-ol, quercetin-3,7-diglucoside).
Hydrangea Extract is sourced from the herb Hydrangea arborescens. Hydrangea is generalized used to help maintain urinary tract and bladder health. While not a diuretic per se, hydrangea supports the diuretic actions of the other ingredients by promoting bladder function.
Guarana (Paullinia cupana)is a natural source of the xanthine alkaloid, caffeine as well as other alkaloids such as theophylline and theobromine. In addition to its well-documented ability to naturally stimulate the central nervous system, caffeine is a potent diuretic in its own right.
Additional nutrients have been added for optimum results. Vitamin B6 helps your body rid itself of excess water. When using diuretics, especially one as powerful as Arbuterol, for a lengthy period of time, you run the risk of depleting your body's stores of key electrolytes such as potassium. This results in flat, soft, lifeless muscles. While dandelion is naturally rich in this mineral, additional potassium has been added to Arbuterol. Magnesium is second only to potassium in terms of concentration within the body's cells. The use of diuretics increases the excretion of both potassium and magnesium which ultimately leads to a decrease in performance. Arbuterol replenishes both magnesium and potassium during diuresis to help you reach your goals quickly and effectively.

Expected benefits from Arbuterol supplementation include:
Advanced diuretic formula
Increases vascularity ("cuts")
Maximizes definition
Spares potassium
Reduces extracellular (subcutaneous) water weight
Enhanced with key nutrients
Unique, powerful formulation comprised of six select herbs
Complete water reduction formula

Рекомендации  по  применению Universal. Arbuterol:
Recommended Dosage:
Due to its extreme potency, please consult with a physician or healthcare professional before taking Arbuterol. For general purposes, take 1 serving (3 tablets) per day on an empty stomach. Elite athletes can take 2-3 servings (6-9 tablets) per day. Do not exceed 9 tablets during any 24-hour period.

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